E-Volution of Data Protection

This week, I’m in Tartu (Estonia) for a privacy conference organised by the Estonian presidency of the European Union. It is a timely conference, with some 260 days to go before the GDPR will come into full application. On the afternoon of the first day, I joined a panel on “GDPR and the Private Sector”, with several speakers from the Baltics. The video of the session is available below.

An important take-away from the conference for me (outside of the fact that Tartu is a lovely city) is that there are so many people still looking for practical guidance on how to deal with the GDPR. The conference had some great sessions explaining the ins and outs of the legislation, as well as of some recent case-law, but the sessions most appreciated by the audience were those where practical tips were provided. Good to remember for my next speaking engagements!