Privacy Professional since 2009

I have worked in privacy and data protection since 2009, but my interest for the topics grew some years before already. When working as a deputy committee clerk for the Senate of the Netherlands, several Senators had a particular interest in all things privacy. Helping them with their enquiries, I learned more and more about the topic, which in 2009 led to my transfer to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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I have had various roles at the DPA, both investigating (potential) contraventions of the law – mainly in the area of police and judicial data processing – and assisting in developing new policies. In my final role at the Dutch DPA, as Senior International Officer, I was responsible for various areas of international cooperation. I participated in a number of subgroups of the Article 29 Working Party on Data Protection, the assembly of all European DPAs, and chaired the Borders, Travel and Law Enforcement subgroup. From 2011-2014, I was the secretary of the Executive Committee of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners and in 2015, I organised with a team the 37th International Privacy Conference in Amsterdam.

In the summer of 2016, I made another transfer and started working for Nymity, a Canadian privacy research and software company. After 11 years working for the Dutch government, this is my first job in the private sector. At Nymity, I am the main contact for European mainland companies that use, or consider to use, Nymity’s solutions for the privacy office. These solutions are designed to support privacy and data protection officers with their compliance and accountability requirements, providing the necessary evidence to show to stakeholders and regulators. In addition, I lead several of Nymity’s continuous research projects, looking into the requirements to demonstrate compliance under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the use of certification as a grounds for data transfers.

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In addition to working with various companies to identify their compliance needs, I also very much enjoy teaching privacy law to new privacy officers, students and everyone else who has an interest in the topic. On behalf of Nymity, I am a regular conference speaker on a number of topics, mainly dealing with compliance with EU legislation and structured privacy management. In addition, I’m attached as a visiting fellow at Maastricht University’s European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity.